Just another money blog…because the world needs another money blog

Great, another blog by some middle class dude who is going to talk about how to budget and live debt free and save for retirement and invest in a Roth IRA so that when you are 70 years old you can enjoy your wealth.

Or, maybe this blog is about some guy’s overnight success in business and he is going to tell you that anyone can start a prosperous business by finding a pain or unmet need people have and then building an app or a website or a product that you can sell to your email list and it will be wildly successful and you will only have to work 4 Hours a Week…but only if you want to.  And, if you join his Mastermind group for $1000/yr, he will walk you through his proven process.

Maybe that’s what this blog is.

Well, got news for you.

7Streams is not just a blog about money or how to invest or budget or about an entrepreneur who became incredibly successful by growing a massive email list and blah blah blah.  It’s not a Mom blog or a Facebook profile about his day or the quality of his breakfast.  It is not an opinion column with witty commentary about the previous day’s market movements and what slick options trade he made that day or what stock is about to pop.


Just having a conversation.

Just having a conversation.

7Streams is a continuation of daily discussions with colleagues, friends and family about money, careers, ambition and goals.  7Streams is about a financial and personal journey.  It is about the challenges life presents, past and present failures and future successes.  It’s about one individual trying to move from the easy but predictable road to the rocky path that leads to an incredible vista few see.  This is about a middling middle-class family guy who wants to do more than passively trade his hours for dollars, and who wants to go beyond the normal of two car payments, credit card statements, a 30-year mortgage, a vacation to Florida every two years and a retirement plan that, when combined with Social Security, will 90% guarantee a comfortable last two decades of life.


Few see this view

7Streams is about fulfilling the independent streak that has always run deep within him but has been pushed aside by other events the last 15 years.  This is about overcoming past entrepreneurial failures and finding success in new ventures.  7Streams will walk through the difficulties of (hopefully) realizing this success, to include the struggle of balancing time and other commitments with what many would call unnecessary and fanciful dreams.  This is about using the resources with which he is currently blessed and accelerating their future benefits while avoiding the financial pitfalls that are so common in the American (and, one could argue, increasingly global) consumer.  It is very likely he will, on occasion, editorialize about certain political or financial topics (this is a blog after all) but, rest assured, he doesn’t have time to get off topic too often.  Documenting this journey will allow him to stay honest and on track…or will at least prevent excuses or delusions of grandeur.  And, hopefully, this blog will be an inspiration and encouragement to what will no doubt be a small (but loyal) readership base (love you Mom!).

7Streams is about life, money and an entrepreneurial journey.  Welcome to the ride.


Not really sure where we are going with this…