Entrepreneurial Quote of the Week for October 1

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Week for October 1

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Week for October 1st

Today I’m beginning a new, weekly feature here at 7Streams called the Entrepreneurial Quote of the Week.  While I am not much into self-help, self-actualization, motivational speaker-type hippie junk, I do appreciate wisdom…especially when it is distilled down to bite-size pieces.  I have for some time written down nuggets of wisdom as I’ve stumbled across them in articles, podcasts or everyday conversation and I’ll start sharing these with you as well as a few thoughts of mine on the meaning and application of the quote. My goal with these quotes is to motivate and encourage you through what other successful individuals have written and said as well as provide an easy resource should you need a topic for your next seminar or class or back-porch conversation.

This week’s Entrepreneurial Quote

“You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.” –Jim Rohn

This idea has been around for millennia, that the company we keep will shape who we are as a person.  Though this was instilled in me during my upbringing (and I certainly hope to impress this upon my daughters), it was strictly applied in a moral sense, that “bad company corrupts good morals.”

However, this is very applicable to the entrepreneur as well. Time and time again I have read or heard successful individuals, especially those without a strong entrepreneurial background or heritage, say one of the turning points on their road to success came when they started to surround themselves deliberately with examples of who they wanted to be…not just as individuals but as entrepreneurs and businessmen and women.  While I value the friends I have, I strive to invest my time in those who will make me better.  Some of my most memorable and impactful conversations have been with those who share my entrepreneurial bent and I can attribute nearly all of the small gains I’ve made in my entrepreneurial journey to these individuals.

This applies not just to friendships but also in the information you consume.  If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn from successful entrepreneurs.  On my resources page you will see a list of where I spend a significant portion of my discretionary time and practically all my commuting time (time that would otherwise be lost).  This is a deliberate choice on my part to make up for lost time and missed education in order to achieve my stated goal.

What about you?  Do any of your friends share your goals?  What network do you have that will provide you resources and encouragement along your journey?  Harkening back to the subtitle of this blog, do the people in your life help you live the life you want, achieve the financial goals you have or find entrepreneurial success?  Some people we can’t choose, such as family and co-workers, but for the rest we can choose into whom we invest our time. Even if you don’t spend time with “real” friends you can find very ready virtual support groups and networks online. Facebook, LinkedIn and MeetUp.com are far too easy for you to have any excuse.

So go ahead, make a list of your real and imagined (aka virtual) friends and you decide which give you want to be the average of.

What do you think?