Profit building activity...

Profit building activity…

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Week for October 22nd

“In what profit building activity am I engaging this week?” -I believe this one came from Jaime Tardy at; I could be wrong.

This week’s quote is technically a question. But still a good one for wantrapreneurs and entrepreneurs alike. It may be one of the more impactful and actionable ones I’ve actually written down. Early in my self-education process I had a belief that success would come to me if I just tried a few business ideas here, read some blogs there, listened to a few podcasts, posted a landing page, etc. Not that I was scared of work or didn’t want to work; I was just in the process of discovering that indeed an entrepreneur works 80 hours to avoid 40. This week’s quote, excuse me, this question really put things into perspective.  If I want to be profitable, I have to deliberately engage in profit-building activities. I’m sure you, dear reader, will see me mention several times the necessity of taking action on your ideas and dreams (since that is perhaps the single, unifying factor in every entrepreneur’s story), but more refined than merely taking action is the idea of taking profitable action. Learning, planning, getting motivated, dabbling in websites and spreadsheet is all good. But until you do something that will contribute to your bottom line you have, at best, a hobby. Nothing wrong with a hobby, even one that costs money (ask my wife how much I’ve spent on boats over the last several years…on second thought, don’t ask), so long as you are honest with yourself about what you are actually doing.

So, with that being said, over the last week I worked with a developer on Stream 6 (, followed up on a recent River Mud (Stream 4) event and planned for the next event. So, I ask you: in what profit-building activity have you engaged this week?  Drop me a line from the contact page or leave a comment below.  Would very much like to hear your answer.





P.S. While I am not much into self-help, self-actualization, motivational speaker-type hippie junk, I do appreciate wisdom…especially when it is distilled down to bite-size pieces. I have for some time written down nuggets of wisdom as I’ve stumbled across them in articles, podcasts or everyday conversation and I’ll share these with you as well as a few thoughts of mine on the meaning and application of the quote. My goal with these quotes is to motivate and encourage you through what other successful individuals have written and said as well as provide an easy resource should you need a topic for your next seminar or class or back-porch conversation.