Who Am I

Me?  Just another guy working for a good life for my family and for personal accomplishment.  Older than 20, younger than 40 with a beautiful wife and two vivacious blond-haired daughters (both under 10), I’m a career member of the U.S. Military with goals and aspirations far beyond the military uniform and government life.  Government service provides for a comfortable and secure livelihood, a fact that I, my wife and children enjoy immensely (as I sit in a comfortable home playing with numerous Apple products at the same time); we have some savings, investments and two paid-for vehicles.  I have had the privilege to serve alongside true heroes and to do meaningful work for our nation.  But, though I am honored to serve, who I am as a man is not defined by my uniform and title; I have aspirations far beyond my next assignment, a government position after military retirement or a pension.  Beyond the responsibilities of my demanding, bill-paying job and commitments to my family, my time is spent looking for (or, more appropriately, dreaming about) business opportunities, researching investment strategies, following various financial and business blogs and Facebook groups and speaking with like-minded individuals (rough paraphrase from my wife, “Can you have one conversation that’s not about money or business?”), many of whom may recognize threads from our conversations in these pages.  Yes, I am often tired and can’t quite turn if off…but hey, it’s hereditary, just ask my mom about my dad.